Hi everyone, Vancouver’s conference season is about to kick off with 3 big resource-focused shows happening within a span of just 1-week.

Metals Investor Forum                                                           January 17 & 20

Vancouver Resource Investment Conference                     January 19-20

Association for Mineral Exploration’s Roundup                 January 20-23

With the commodity prices and stocks rising in the last 7-10 days I’m placing bets that this is going to be one of the most important years in a long time for our industry. As a Service Provider, you need to be at the forefront of this potentially explosive market we are entering. This year for the Groundup in January we are upping up the reception. We have already solidified the first day the Vancouver Club re-opens for 2020 and there is no better venue to host our new decade kick-off!

Like last year, it will be a ticketed drink event (we plan on printing the tickets like PDAC with your logos), with light snacks. Each sponsor will need to donate a door prize and we hope to do a 50/50 draw with all proceeds being donated to BC’s Women in Mining. I will be sending an email to over 1,500 industry-focused individuals based here locally to let them know about our event, ask for 50/50 donations and to highlight this year’s Sponsors.

For those of you that may be new to the potential-sponsorship list, the Groundup Networking Event was co-founded by me, Sean Kingsley, and Dallas Araneda. We knew that what was missing during these busy conference times was a collaborative service-provider hosted networking event that highlighted and showcased specific services. It is a first-come, and always first asked moving forward, basis that if you do sponsor the event then you are the hallmark provider of your specific niche service. There will be no overlapping (unless discussed and agreed upon).

Our last event was during Toronto’s PDAC last March where we had over 1200-registered and over 800 checked-in attendees. Many said it was the highlight networking event for them. We will agree as this has been our fourth event in Toronto and it just gets bigger and better each year.

For January’s event we forecast a minimum sponsorship level of $0000 x 10 sponsors, with one lead sponsor of $0000. We estimate an all-in budget of $00,000 for event. *Please call us or email for specific info.

Please let us know immediately your interest and/or commitment of being a Sponsor so we can send you the invoicing details.

Sean Kingsley & Dallas Araneda – Groundup Networking Event Founders


2018 Highlights

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